1810 Crossfire Series

1810 Crossfire Series


We didn’t reinvent the wheel, we’ve simply realigned it. This reel has been designed to pivot 120° above its axles when it is fully loaded, while meeting strict, DOT regulations. 




The 1810 Crossfire Series Hose Reel might look like every other reel on the market, but we are here to assure you, it’s not. It’s better.

DOT-Approved Bazooka Farmstar Crossfire Hose Reel Series
Ringing in at 8' and 5" wide (101"), the CF-1810 is a DOT approved solution for moving hose. Perfect for those narrow country roads and field entrances.
Crossfire Hydraulic Hose Reel Series
The 1810 Crossfire Hose Reel Series may be the smaller reel of the series, but it holds it's own:

• .75 mi. of 10" layflat hose
• 1.25 mi. of 8" layflat hose
• 1.5 mi. of 7.25" layflat hose
• 2.25 mi. of 6" layflat hose
Bazooka Farmstar Crossfire Series with 3-speed Quantum Drive System Technology
Retrieve and deploy hose quicker than any comparable reel on the market, by integrating our 3-speed Quantum Drive System Technology. Make it a one-man show by incorporating the QDS wireless remote as well.
Crossfire Series Hose Reels with 120 Degree Rotation
The Crossfire Series rotates from "travel" to "work" mode, by turning 120°, with minimal hydraulic hook-ups.
Crossfire Hose Reel Series with Rear Accessible Steps
Access the Crossfire via built-in, rear bumper steps to effortlessly load and unload the coupler cavity.
Bazooka Farmstar Crossfire Hose Reel Series Features Night Vision Cameras
Just because the sun goes down doesn't mean you have to, with the dual-camera upgrade option. Precisely wind and unwind hose by watching the progress your cameras capture from an in-cab 7" monitor.

The 1810 Crossfire Series Hose Reel holds the same amount of hose as our original 1810 pivoting reel, but with a slightly different twist. Get it? 


This reel allows me to safely and easily transport larger amounts of hose on the winding, narrow roads of the East Coast.  

Jeff Zimmerman of AgriApplicators | Lebanon, PA

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.



  • Heavy-duty 80 chain dual drive & sprockets
    • Dual chain drive is a single speed power on/off only 
  • Used super single tires 
  • Heavy-wall tandem axle with (2) 15,000 lb. leaf springs
    • Total capacity = 30,000 lbs.
  • 5.0 sqft. storage basket frame
  • (2) Rear facing LED lights
  • Built-in, rear accessible steps
  • Rear hitch receiver for light towing 
  • DOT tape and rear lighting 
  • Work lights
  • Length – 21′ 2″
  • Width – 8′ 5″
  • Height – 12′ 10″
  • Gross Weight – 10,940 lbs.
  • Tongue Weight (Empty) – 750 lbs. 
  • Tongue Weight (With 10 sections of 8″ hose) – 1,600 lbs.


  • Quantum Drive System technology
  • Camera package | Includes (2) cameras and 7″ in-cab monitor
  • Electric over hydraulic brakes
    • Comes “brake ready” – Brakes can be added at a later date
  • Wireless Remote | Includes wind, unwind, and freewheel
  • Enhanced Wireless Remote | Includes all functions of original, as well as, pivoting controls
  • New super single tires


  Highway approved

  Saves your crew valuable time

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