4414T Cornell Pump

Chart #DescriptionCornell Part #BF Part #
2Volute Double Bolt (Ductile Iron)D4417-2-CP71061
4Bracket 95B4 Bearing Spacer (Cast Iron)D5220-4-CI71118
5Suction Wear Ring (Cast Iron)A20424-6-CI71022
7Lockscrew Kit .5NC x 2.25LGA14523-12B-SD71065
10Shaft Sleeve (A20520-15-SS)A21470-15-SS71037
12Lip Seal Pump End F18A17073B-1871027
14Bearing-Drive End F18 CaseA15019H-2071007
15Bearing-Pump End F18 CaseA168140-2071043
16Bearing Cover (F16K & F18K)B3189-22-CI71122
18Backplate (Cast Iron)D5278-38-CI71051
19Mechanical SealA20526U-4071069
21Foot MountingA17327-45-CI71032
27Shim .010 F18 CaseA17071A-107-AS71028
28Shim .005 F18 CaseA17071B-107-AS71029
34Lock Nut-ImpellerA14568M-129-SK-AN-1671026
37Run Dry Seal Reservoir PlasticB22867-15771125
41Volute GasketA659M-197-GA71009
42Gasket-Pump End F18 CaseA17119-197-GB71020
43Gasket-Drive End Pump Bell Housing F1817120-19-GB71021
49Washer-Impeller Lock Washer F18 CaseA14566M-363-SK71025


4517MP Cornell Pump

Chart #DescriptionCornell Part #BF Part #
6Impeller Lockscrew Kit A14382-12B-SD71055
7Impeller Washer 4NHTB A11785-13-ST71042
9Shaft Sleeve Cornell A22566-15-SI71150
12Bearing-Drive End F18 Case A15019H-2071007
13Bearing-Pump End F18 Case A168140-2071043
15Mechanical SealA169720-4071030
23Run Dry Seal Reservoir Plastic B22867-15771125
27Thrust Washer Cornell Pump Part (A21162A-193-ST)A21162A-193-ST71188
28Gasket-Pump End F18 Case A17119-197-GB71020
29Gasket-Drive End Pump Bell Housing F18A17120-197-GB71021
30Gasket-Bell Housing SAE4 A20369-197-GB71048
33Bushing Adjuster Suction CoverA23273A-251-SK71168
41Foot MountingA17327-45-CI71032
42Bearing Cover (F16K & F18K)B3189-22-CI71122
44Washer-Impeller Lock Washer F18 CaseA14566M-363-SK71025
46Lip Seal Pump End F18 A17073B-1871027
56Shaft Cornell Pump Part (D5220)B4569-14-FH71180
56Bracket 95B4 Bearing Spacer (Cast Iron) (D5220-4-CI)D5220-4-CI71118


4NHTB Cornell Pump

Chart #DescriptionCornell Part #BF Part #
1Suction Cover Double Bolt (Ductile Iron)D6431-1-CV71087
2Volute Double Bolt  (Ductile Iron)E4508-2-CP71064
3Impeller 2.5″ Coarse Thread (Ductile Iron)D6239-3-CI-R71050
4Bracket 95B4 Bearing SpacerD5220-4-CI71118
5Suction Wear Ring (Cast Iron)A20943-6-CI71068
7Lockscrew .62NCx1.5SOC 18-8A14374-12-SD71088
8Impeller WasherA12345-13-ST71099
9Shaft F18 2.5″ Coarse ThreadedB4725-14-FQ71049
10Shaft Sleeve 3×2.62×3.75 (Chrome)A21470-15-SI71077
114 Bolt Clean Out Gasket/Deflector 3.25″ ShaftA9801-16-EB71091
13Lip Seal VA504711A17073B-1871027
14Lip SealA22401F-1871149
15Bearing Drive EndA15019H-2071007
16Bearing Pump EndA16814O-2071043
17Bearing CoverB318971122
19Backplate 3″ Double Bolt (Ductile Iron)D6458-38-CP71098
20Mechanical SealA16972O-4071030
21Bracket Insert RingA17117-44-CI71092
22Foot MountingA17327-45-CI71032
244 Bolt Clean Out Cover (Cast Iron)A9093-94-CI71089
25Thrust Washer 3.63×2.50x.25A21512-95-SS71110
26Impeller Shim .015″A12339O-107-SDA71136
27Shim .010 ThickA17071A-107-AS71028
28Shim .005 ThickA17071B-107-AS71029
36Impeller Lock NutA14568M-129-SK AN-1671026
39Run Dry Seal Reservoir w/cap PlasticB22867-15771125
43Gasket Pump End Gasket (F16K-F18K)A17119-197-GB71020
44Drive End Gasket (F16K-F18K)A17120-197-GB71021
45Volute Gasket 20.5×17.75x.03A21263L-197-GA71084
51Impeller Lock Washer W-16A14566M-363-SK71025


6NHTB19 Cornell Pump

SchematicDescriptionCornell Part #BF Part #
1Suction Cover 6NHTB19 CV (Ductile Iron)D7072-1-CV71105
3Impeller CV (Ductile Iron)E4631-3-3-CV-R71106
4Bracket 95B4 Bearing Spacer (Cast Iron)D5220-4-CI71118
5Bell Housing SAE1 (Pump Mount)D23572-4-CI71157
6Suction Cover Wearing RingA22440-6-SG71103
7Wear Ring-ImpellerA22441-6-SG71104
9Impeller Lockscrew KitA14381-12B-SD71041
10Impeller WasherA11785-13-ST71042
12Shaft SleeveA22448-15-FHB71150
15Lip Seal Pump End F18A17073B-1871027
17Bearing-Drive End F18 CaseA15019H-2071007
18Bearing-Pump End F18 CaseA168140-2071043
21Mechanical SealA169720-4071030
27Shim .010 F18 CaseA17071A-107-AS71028
28Shim .005 F18 CaseA17071B-107-AS71029
37Lock Nut-ImpellerA14568M-129-SK71026
39Run Dry Seal Reservoir PlasticB22867-15771125
44Gasket-Pump End F18 CaseA17119-197-GB71020
45Gasket-Drive End Pump Bell Housing F18A17120-197-GB71021
51Inspection Cover SAE1 BellhousingA23594-342-SK71158
53Washer-Impeller Lock Washer F18 CaseA14566M-363-SK71025


6NHTC19 Cornell Pump

SchematicDescriptionCornell Part #BF Part #
1Suction Cover Wear Ring A22440-6-SG71103
2Wear Ring-ImpellerA22441-6-SG71104
3Shaft Sleeve A22448-15-FHB71150
4Suction Cover (Ductile Iron)D24731-1-CV71175
7Gasket-Volute A659AF-197-GA71095
10Gasket Clean Out A8955-197-EN71044
13Impeller Washer 4NHTB A11785-13-ST71042
14Impeller Lockscrew Kit A14381-12B-SD71041
15Thrust Washer A21162A-193-ST71188
17Back Plate 14NH-38D5309-38-CP71181
18Mechanical SealA16972O-4071030
22Foot MountingA17327-45-CI71032
23Shaft B4569-14-FH71180
25Bracket 95B4 Bearing Spacer (Cast Iron)D5220-4-CI71118
26Bearing-Drive End F18 Case A15019H-2071007
27Bearing Cover (F16K & F18K)B3189-22-CI71122
29Washer-Impeller Lock Washer F18 Case A14566M-363-SK71025
30Lock Nut-ImpellerA14568M-129-SK AN-1671026
31Lip Seal Pump End F18 A17073C-1871024
31Lip Seal Drive End F18 CaseA17073D-1871039
31Lip Seal Pump End F18 Case A17073B-1871027
33Gasket-Pump End F18 Case A17119-197-GB71020
36Gasket-Drive End Pump Bell Housing F18A17120-197-GB71021


6819MP Cornell Pump

SchematicDescriptionCornell Part #BF Part #
1Suction Cover CV (Ductile Iron)D232362-1-CV71165
4Shaft (D5220)D5220-4-CI71180
4Bracket 95B4 Bearing Spacer (Cast Iron)D5220-4-CI71118
5Bell Housing SAE2 F18 (Cast Iron)D5774-4CI71145
8Impeller Lockscrew Kit A14382-12B-SD71055
9Impeller Washer 4NHTB A11785-13-ST71042
10Shaft 6819MP B23286-14-FH71177
11Shaft Sleeve A22448-15-FHB71150
13Lip Seal Pump End F18 A17073B-1871027
14Lip Seal Drive End F18 A17073D-1871039
14Lip Seal Pump End F18 A17073C-1871024
16Bearing-Drive End F18 Case A15019H-2071007
17Bearing-Pump End F18 Case A16814O-2071043
20Mechanical SealA16972O-4071030
23Wear Plate O-Ring A22590c-5971190
25Suction Cover O-Ring A22590d-5971191
26Shim .010 F18 Case A17071A-107-AS71028
35Lock Nut-Impeller A14568M-129-SK AN-1671026
38Run Dry Seal Reservoir Plastic B22867-15771125
43Thrust Washer A21162A-193-ST71188
44Gasket-Pump End F18 A17119-197-GB71020
45Gasket-Drive End Pump Bell Housing F18A17120-197-GB71021
46Gasket-Bell Housing SAE4 A20369-197-GB71048
50Bushing Adjuster Suction CoverA23273A-251-SK71168
56Washer-Impeller Lock Washer F18 CaseA14566M-363-SK71025


6819MPC Cornell Pump

SchematicDescriptionCornell Part #BF Part #
1Shaft Sleeve A22448-15-FHB71150
2Suction Cover CV (Ductile Iron)D23262-1-CV71165
3Wear Plate (White Iron)B24733-41-CAC71167
4Wear Plate O-Ring A22590c-59-ev71190
5Suction Cover O-Ring A22590d-59-ev71191
6Bushing Adjuster Suction CoverA23273A-251-SK71168
14Impeller Washer 4NHTB A11785-13-ST71042
15Thrust Washer A21162A-193-ST71188
18Mechanical SealA16972O-4071030
21Gasket-Bell Housing SAE4 A20369-197-GB71048
29Shaft 6819MP Cornell Pump PartB23286-14-FH71177
30Bearing-Pump End F18 Case A16814O-2071043
31Bearing-Drive End F18 Case A15019H-2071007
32Washer-Impeller Lock Washer F18 CaseA14566M-363-SK71025
33Lock Nut-Impeller A14568M-129-SK AN-1671026
34Shaft B4569-14-FH (D5220)71180
34Bracket 95B4 Bearing Spacer (Cast Iron)D5220-4-CI71118
36Gasket-Pump End F18 Case A17119-197-GB71020
38Lip Seal Pump End F18 A17073D-1871027
38Lip Seal Pump End F18 A17073B-1871024
38Lip Seal Drive End F18 Case A17073D-1871039
41Bell Housing SAE1 (Pump Mount) Cast IronD23572-4-CI71157
43Gasket-Drive End Pump Bell Housing F18A17120-197-GB71021
46Inspection Cover SAE1 BellhousingA23594-342-SK71158
48Run Dry Seal Reservoir PlasticB22867-15771125


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