Phantom Injector

Phantom Injector


In a market full of unit options, we’ve brought you a low maintenance design that executes in any environment. Our low-disturbance injection systems provide an efficient way to apply manure while diminishing environmental risks. 


The Phantom Injector was engineered to easily roll through the ground leaving soil nearly undisrupted on various field types while placing manure between 4″ – 6″ below grade.

Phantom Injector featuring Independent Manure Injection Units
Each Phantom unit moves individually from one another, allowing thorough coverage on various field conditions. Whether you're running on rocky terrain, corn trash, chopped corn silage, bean stubble, hay ground, or cover crops, the Phantom Injector produces a grade-A performance.
Bazooka Farmstar Phantom Injection Unit
These, along with a low maintenance design and heavy-duty structure, bring plenty of benefits to your field.
Bazooka Farmstar Phantom Manure Injector with Toolbar
The Phantom Injector is compatible with toolbars, as well as tank bars, with spacing as narrow as 16".
Phantom Injector Unit Closure Blades
This helps with the Phantoms' ability to seal the manure into the ground and reduces the amount of manure discharged above ground, resulting in greater nutrient absorption.
Phantom Injector Manure Application Unit with Anti-Clog Design
The Phantom Injector also includes an anti-clog design, greaseless bushings, nickel plated pins, heavy-duty bearings, and quick-change hubs and spindles.

Each Phantom Injector is robust and ready to perform in any field terrain it rolls through.

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.



  • Spacing options:
    • 16″
    • 18″
    • 20″
    • 24″
    • 30″
  • Single closure blade
  • 6″ running depth
  • Main coulter blade | 22″, 13 wave
  • Closure blade | 17″, 13 wave
  • Depth gauge wheel and cover plate
  • Cast ductile iron closure mount arm
  • Greaseless closure and bushing
  • Bolt-in main hub and spindle
  • Adjustable closure blade angle option
    • 4.5°
  • Adjustable trip force


  • Double closure blade
  • Bolt-on closure spring mount plate


  Low soil disturbance

  Improved useful life

  Eliminates clogging

  Reduced streaking throughout the field

  Higher application rates

  Even nutrient coverage

  Precise nutrient placement

  No additional tillage required

  The spacing of our Phantom Units provide an advantage of their own

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